The new productivity app Roam Research (or as Roam calls it themselves: a note-taking app for networked thoughts) is the talk of the town lately. However, as it is very different from any other productivity app like Evernote, Notion, Trello, or Todoist, a lot of people have problems with where to start.

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Roam Research is actually very simple to start with. And learn along the way as you are getting more advanced, or want to do more complex things with Roam. A saying about Roam is it has a low floor and a high ceiling. Easy to start with and…

Just like many people I have gone through tons of productivity apps to create the perfect workflow. Things, Todoist, Evernote, Notion. I have used all of them, and on their own, these are all great apps. However, one thing I always missed was adding tasks while making notes, without the need to go to a different app. For some time I am now using Roam Research, and this is the first app that allows me to make notes and add todos in a single workflow.

What is Roam? There has been a lot of hype recently around Roam Research. Basically…

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I think everybody who saw the Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma has at least thought about their usage of social media. And how much we are exposed to the tactics of social media companies. While we all think about deleting our accounts every now and then, there are still a lot of things we do not want to miss. The tactic of social media companies is to keep us engaged as long as possible so they can present you maximum advertising, which is their main source of income. You can game these companies by limiting your engagement to what you…

This post tells how I managed to setup WeChat Wallet from outside of China and without having a Chinese bank account.

WeChat is a fascinating platform. It has become the most used platform in China, leading the way in mobile use, online shopping & mobile payment.

With a large number of innovative features like the use of QR codes, and the linking of online & offline (from cab services to bike rental and food ordering) it’s more advanced than the likes of Facebook & Twitter. Although it’s very much aimed at China, more and more people across the world are getting interested in using WeChat. …

Working for an open source software company I get a lot of questions about the open source business model. This article is written to explain open source for the non-professionals. It’s not written for the IT-expert but for all those others that are looking for some basic understanding. It’s the story I tell to explain our company.

When we think open source software, we may have a vision of enthusiastic amateurs spending their spare time creating code. And although still a lot of individuals are contributing to open source projects, a lot of contributions come from professionals and companies.


Most of the news we hear about Twitter these days is not too good. People leaving the company. Stock sinking. Active users going down. If you read only these articles you might think Twitter will soon be a thing of the past. But most services that disappear do so because something else takes over. And when it comes to Twitter, I am not sure if there is any product right now that brings the rich, real-time content Twitter is bringing us. Therefor in my opinion Twitter can be saved, grow and make money.

As an enthusiastic, every day Twitter user…

A smart way of leveraging Twitter lists as a great way of consuming information

I have always been a big fan of RSS, using Google reader to follow hundreds of websites. When Google stopped with Reader I wasn't too happy with the alternatives. So I looked for a way to make Twitter my primary source of information consumption instead of RSS. This article described how I have implemented a way of working that makes Twitter a great tool to replace Google Reader.

I love Twitter for sharing information and connecting to others. However Twitter is also great for consuming information. I know a lot of people who primarily use Twitter for reading, and hardly…

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